No Freebies

It’s another fibro day. Cold, damp weather: gotta love it. Not.

I’m feeling a little frustrated this morning. I have a client who expects to get work for free. They know payment is due when service is rendered, but they don’t seem to be accepting that. I stopped work once already because of non-payment; I guess I have to do it again. The first time they owed me just over $200. They finally paid off the debt, work resumed, but now they’re up to $50 in arrears again. They have money for luxuries like pedicures and take-out, but they don’t have money to pay me on time? Sorry. I’m running a business, here; excuses and empty promises don’t pay the bills.

Of course, no one cares – which is fine with me. No one knows me – and besides, it’s no one’s problem but mine. I’m only writing about it because it’s what people do with blogs. They write about life stuff. Honestly, I think if anyone had anything to say about anything I’ve posted here, I think my jaw would hit the floor in surprise. Because, as far as I know, no one knows about this blog. I’m all by myself here.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Life is what it is and the best I can do is to hope things get better. And if it means I have to stop services for people who think they don’t have to pay me on time, I guess that’s what it means.


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