No Day

Pain’s real bad this morning. Body’s locked up bad; lots of spasms. Took Robaxacet; hope it kicks in soon. Dogs know something’s up; they’re sticking close to me. They had to pee but didn’t want to leave me so R had to coax them out. Now that’s love.

Weather is changing. It’s cold and we might get snow. Almost the end of November and we’re only now starting to get small tastes of winter. When I was a kid, there was already a few feet of snow on the ground by this time. Weather cycles sure have changed.

No plans for anything today. Can’t do much anyway. Feels like the Robaxacet is finally kicking in. Thank Universe. Still have to take it easy today but grateful this OTC med makes it somewhat bearable.

Nothing more to say. Gotta try to get myself together.


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