Old Way Gone

2:47am – Up with a flare and a borderline migraine. Outside temperature dropped to -9C (15F) with a wind chill of -14C (8F); body can’t deal with that. Took a pain pill; hope it starts working soon.

Thinking about sending my family a “newsletter” email. Used to be, when I was younger, we sent hand-written letters to each other through what many now call “snail mail” – mail hand-delivered to your door by a man or a woman wearing a uniform with a badge on it that identified them as a postal worker. Now, we have email to deliver in micro-seconds what used to take weeks. Except for packages – those are still delivered through delivery services like UPS and Federal Express – snail mail has all but disappeared.

Anyway, family newsletter. I guess I could do that. It’s kinda sad how I have their email addresses but I can’t for the life of me find their mailing address or phone number…


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