Boxing Day

It’s the biggest day of the year. The day when madness reigns supreme and people forget they’re human. The day all the stores reopen and the bells of the money registers start ringing non-stop as items are both returned and purchased. The day people are so focused on scoring deals that they drive too fast and run the lights and push and shove their way ahead of other drivers to get to the stores before all the good deals are gone. It’s Boxing Day – and I have to brave the insanity of it to get food for our animals.

The turkey for the Yule dinner on New Year’s Eve starts thawing today. This week, the carpets are being professionally cleaned and a maid service is coming in. I can’t take care of those things and make up the annual Yule packages at the same time. R tries to help but that “help” only results in more work for me, not less. I didn’t even decorate the house this year because there’s just too much going on and only one person – me – to deal with it all.

Anyway, the carpets are being done on Wednesday. The maid service is coming in on Thursday. By Friday, everything that needs to be done will be done, and I’ll be able to rest up for Saturday. Guests will start arriving on Saturday at around 3pm. Dinner is at 6pm. Afterwards, everyone will be dancing and visiting and generally having a good time. We’ll ring in the new year together, and if enough people decide to stay after that, we’ll keep things going for another couple of hours.

I’m already looking forward to Sunday. Just writing about it is exhausting me.


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