Near Year’s End

The weather is nice: -6 C, with a wind chill of only -11 C. Pretty decent, considering that last week we were in a deep freeze. I’ll take the current weather over the deep freeze any day.

Death has had a good year. It’s been taking a lot of celebrity baby boomers – the most recent being Debbie Reynolds, who died the day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, passed away. I anticipate more of the same next year; there are a lot of baby boomers in the world.

Maid service is coming in this morning. It’ll be nice to start a new year in a clean, tidy home. I was hoping to have my carpets nice and clean, too, but the company I hired didn’t call when they said they would to confirm the booking. That’s bad business, and I won’t be calling them again. I’ll just do it myself after all the festivities are over and done with.

I have nothing more to say.


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