With A Whisper

The old year ended and the new year began pretty much as we expected it would: with a soft, whispered goodnight and a gentle, see-you-tomorrow kind of feeling only the universe could create. Only the date, day, and year had changed. There was nothing earth-shattering to mark the occasion. It was just a flipping of the proverbial calendar page.

Which suited me just fine. All the hype and pomp of the changing of the year is…. Well, it’s just that. Hype. A reason for people to party. Then again, considering how people work far more than they play, these days, a party – especially a global party – is good for the soul. But what do I know? I’m something of a grinch when it comes to such things. I don’t like the noise of it, and I definitely don’t like the stupidity that accompanies being drunk out of one’s mind.

I like things quiet. Peaceful. Calm. And I liked that the year changed that way, too. No muss. No fuss. No drama. Just peace.

I see so much bullshit on social media that it makes me crazy. If I didn’t have to rely on it for my job, I wouldn’t use it at all. Every time I turn around, there’s bad news being flashed around, people are airing their dirty laundry, people are fighting and arguing with each other. It never stops. Not even for a day. People can be amazingly vicious animals on social media.

But that’s something for another day. Or, another year. Or, maybe never.

My day is beginning the same way it always does. It’s time for me to go to work now.


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