Weather’s all over the place. The weekend was supposed to be cold and snowy with below-zero temps; now the forecasters are saying it’s going to be rainy with above-zero temps. Of course, the fibro is flaring out of control. I won’t complain, though; today’s supposed to be nice, and day by day is how I live.

I’ve got a client that’s being a right royal pain in my ass. The client already has a bad reputation among many of their peers, and with their own clients; they’re making it worse by being irresponsible about this job. Privacy and confidentiality laws don’t allow me name them, but what I can say is, when this job is finished, I’m done with them. If they want me on a job again, they’ll have to pay me big, big bucks. Up front. In cash. It’s the only thing I’ll accept from this proverbial three-ring circus.

I’m going to have a great day today. There’s no reason not to.


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