Hell on Earth

I pulled the muscles in my shoulder. I’ve had almost no range of motion for the past few days. I can’t lift my arm at all. And FUCK, it hurts. Is there some kind of drug available that can take this excruciating pain away? My line of work is very physical; I need all of my limbs to be working at their very best, all the time. Pulled or strained muscles are not an option.

This is hell on earth. I can’t move my arm or put any pressure on it without nearly screaming, but I also can’t baby it too much, either. So, I grit my teeth, do the shoulder rotations as often as I can for as long as I can stand it without passing out from the pain, and I do several sessions of alternating heat and ice, take a muscle relaxant, and hope for relief.

Ahhhh. Life in the slow lane. It sure does suck the big one.


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