Grateful Silence

Silence. Lately, I haven’t had time for it; too many things have demanded my attention. By the time I get to bed, I’m so exhausted that I’m lucky to know my name, never mind giving myself time to just sit in the quiet and let my brain calm down and relax.

I know people whose brains are on overdrive all the time. Whether awake or trying to sleep, they can’t turn off the constant noise of thoughts and ideas. How do they function? How do they live without even brief respites from their internal noise? I can’t begin to imagine a life like that.

So, I’m grateful for this silent, peaceful moment in time. I’m grateful for every moment of quiet serenity that comes my way in the midst of a busy day. And I’m grateful for those nightly moments of calmness that allow me to sleep and to rest and rejuvenate my tired body, mind, and spirit.


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