Slow. Bulky. Unwieldy. A right royal pain in the ass. Hangs when playing videos; hangs, then crashes when attempting to load and play games.  The system’s been checked six ways from Sunday; it’s clean as a newly-sterilized whistle. All the diagnostics are clean. Damn you, FireFox. I’ve been loyal to you for 20 years; how could you let me down so spectacularly? Your crash-and-burn behavior has forced me to start using ::gasp:: Microsoft Edge. ::gasp gasp::  How could you do this to me? You know how I feel about Microsoft!  ::cries::

Yeah, I’m being an ass. I’m flaring and in pain and I need to lash out. And, truth be told, it doesn’t actually matter. These things are just brief moments in time. They have no effect on the universe; they don’t determine the orbit of the planets, or change the weather, or create super-novas, or anything else. They’re just blinks… Repetitive, endless, irritating little blinks…

Wow. Such deep thoughts so ridiculously early on a Saturday morning. No wonder my brain hurts…


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