Ah, Friday. I have missed you. Thank you for coming around again. I’m working all weekend, but I still appreciate that we’re at the end of the week.

Got bored with the choco theme, so I changed it. I guess it will do….. for now. The comment section is above the post; not sure I like that. But I’ll give it some time; if it doesn’t grow on me, I’ll find some other theme.

Weather is getting better. Love that. Soooo tired of the cold. I understand, now, why so many older people winter in places like Florida and Hawaii. I wish we could do that; the older we get, the less easily we’re able to handle the cold. Oh well. Maybe I’ll start playing the lottery. Maybe I’ll win the big one. Yeah, and maybe pigs will grow wings and fly.

Time to get ready for work. Bye.


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