Share and Share Alike?

Someone says, “Hey, can you share this for me?” on a social media site. Because you’re friends and because you want to help them out, you say, “Sure!” and you do as they ask.  Now, let’s say you put something up and you hope they’ll do the same for you – because, you’re friends, and friends help and support each other – but they don’t.

Here are my questions:  When your friends see you sharing something important to you, should you have to ask them to return the sharing favor? If they know what you’re trying to accomplish, shouldn’t they be supportive of that and try to help? What does it mean if they don’t? Does it mean they aren’t really your friends? Does it mean they’re your friends, but for whatever reason, they either don’t feel comfortable sharing, or they don’t feel they can be supportive of it? Does it mean anything at all if they don’t return the sharing favor – meaning: does it actually matter, or is it one of those things where you might be making a mountain out of a molehill?

The concept of “share and share alike” seems completely unbalanced to me where social media is concerned. I’ve seen things shared that made me shake my head in wonderment and disbelief, and I’ve seen things shared that made click through to learn more.  But not all things are shared and shared alike. Which is why I’m wondering, now, about the concept as it relates to friends.

These are my thoughts on this cool, rainy afternoon.


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