Being Affected

The day is starting out sunny and with a decent temperature of 9º C [48º F]. The forecast high is 16C [61º F] with a mix of sun and cloud, and the barometric pressure is 102.1 kPa [kilopascals] and rising. Why do I include that? Because, I’m feeling really sluggish and low on energy today, and I think the weather has something to do with that. I’m hoping my energy levels will improve as the day goes on, because I still have a couple of weeks left to go on the current project, and taking time off now because I’m “just not feelin’ it” is not an option.

Weather plays a big role in my daily life. It affects me in all sorts of ways, from giving me tons of energy, to ripping my head apart with a migraine. How I feel from day to day – sometimes, from hour to hour or minute to minute – is 90% dependent on what the weather is doing, 5% dependent on my physical activity, and 5% dependent on what I’m eating. It’s a crazy way to live, but… This is my life.

As we move towards summer, I’m once again getting myself revved up for another lose-weight campaign. This is an event I put myself through every year – and every year, the result is the same. I’m great for the first month or so, but then, I end up giving up because I’m not seeing any results. Other people see the changes, but I don’t. I have to see it for myself or I can’t believe it. If I can’t believe it, I can’t accept what other people say. It’s a vicious circle.

This year, though… Unlike previous years, this year, I have a lot at stake.  [Mmmmm…. Steak….] Not just with my health, but with my job, too. My job is very physically demanding; I have to be able to keep up. If I can’t do that, all that I’ve worked for will be for naught. So, I have to shape up. That’s all there is to it. I’m on my own in this, but oh, well. If I don’t do it, I’ll die, and I am nowhere near ready for that end game.



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