Cough it Up

So, the project finally closed… and I got sick 4 days before it closed. I’m still trying to get better. I’m coughing so much that I can’t get any sleep. The second I lay down, I start coughing – and no amount of cough drops or even the codeine cough syrup I take seems to work for more than about two hours. If I’m lucky. And just to make things even more challenging, a new project came in, the client specifically requested me, and the project is time-sensitive. Oh, what fun.

Is that a complaint?  Nope. The client is a good one with future projects available for the right person. The work is challenging, to say the least, but it’s highly rewarding and well worth my time and energy.

So, I push on through all the coughing, sleep when and for as long as I can before another round of coughing starts, and work my butt off for my client.  It’s great. Really great. Except for the coughing part. I’m soooo over that part.


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