Moving Along

The new project is under way and progress is being made. Aside from the coughing – which is, I’m relieved to say, finally starting to ease up a bit – the cold that’s been hounding me for the past two weeks is finally letting go of me, and, all things considered, life is actually moving forward fairly decently.

The weather is cooler today and a bit on the damp side, but I’m not complaining. We’ve had some pretty hot days, recently – which I am also not complaining about – so the cooler temperature is a pleasant reprieve from the heat. Not just for us, but for our animals, too.

Now that we’re into June, it’s almost time to start planning our annual summer vacation. We have five weeks to work with this year; there are so many things we want to do and so many places we want to go that we can’t decide where to start. LOL

There’s really nothing more to say…. here.


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