Heat Wave

Ho. Lee. Crap. On. Toast. It’s hot. I mean hot to the point where you’d swear your skin is literally melting off your body. The sun is down and it’s after midnight, but it’s still hot. The windows are open and the fans are going, but it’s still hot. We just can’t seem to cool down. We were under thunderstorm watches earlier in the afternoon, and we were hopeful that we might finally get a break. And we did see some big weather starting to come in. Big, dark gray thunderheads were building up in the west and pushing to the northeast. But, as usual, they all disappeared in what seemed like the blink of an eye and left us with no relief. The heat remains.

Water in the reservoirs is down due to the heat wave. Fires are burning out of control in British Columbia and covering much of the province in heavy smoke.  The lawns of many homes are brown and either dead or dying, and weeds are are taking over, thriving in the death of the less hardy grass. The city is asking people to restrict water use to off-peak hours and to avoid watering lawns during the day. Of course, it won’t be long before the request becomes an order, because people just don’t seem to listen unless there are fines involved.

Forecasters are paid to lie to us and give us hope for relief during intense summer heat waves or winter cold snaps that seem to have no end in sight. Currently, they’re telling us there’s a 30% chance of thundershowers today. No one actually believes the forecast – we all know it probably won’t actually happen – but at least we have hope that it might. People need hope in situations like this; the alternative is just too awful to think about.

Wow. I talked a lot. Time to go.


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