Enter the Night

The night is quiet. Peaceful. Soothing. It’s 2:35am right now and I should be sleeping, but my brain is just too wired up. So, here I am… and it is good. No planes in the air now, no traffic on the boulevard, no sirens… Just peace and quiet.

I don’t mind being awake. I have some time off of work, so I’m enjoying myself. I sleep when I need to, get up when I want to, and do with my time whatever I want to do. The proverbial cat is away, so I’m using this time to relax and just be. It’s wonderful to just be for awhile, especially after the crazy month I’ve had. A month that has included a massive, total overhaul at my work, and a very challenging client.

When the night is quiet like this, I can hear myself think. It might sound dumb, but I believe that being able to do that every now and again is important to one’s overall health and well-being. I feel that when life gets so busy and so hectic that we stop being able to hear ourselves think, we lose ourselves. So, I strive to appreciate those moments in time when I can hear myself.

The summer is slowly coming to a close. I can smell the changes in the air, and I’m starting to see leaves changing color. We’ve had a very hot, very dry summer so far; the ground is dry and cracking, many lawns are brown and either dead or dying despite being watered when it’s been safe to do so… But the nights are getting a little cooler and we’re reaching dew-point sooner, so at least the ground is getting some moisture. Perhaps the arrival of fall will get things more into balance.

That’s all I have to say.


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