Meeting Insomnia

So. We meet again, Insomnia. How kind of you to visit me during this fibromyalgia flare; your timing, as usual, is as much a pain in the ass as it is freakishly accurate. I’m exhausted and I’ll doze off in my chair, soon, but – like the pain in the ass you are – when I go to bed and lay my head on my pillow, there you’ll be, holding open my eyelids to leave me staring silently through the trees into the night sky, praying for sleep despite knowing my prayer won’t be answered.

Traffic surges along the streets like waves ebbing and flowing along a rocky shore. It’s unusual for the streets to be so busy at this hour.

I think I’ll go find something mindless to do to help me take hold of the sleep that is currently eluding me…


Last week, I had dental surgery to extract a tooth. It’s been a week and the after-pain is still off the charts. I’m seeing the dentist this morning; so much pain for one tooth is ridiculous.

The new client is proving to be a character-builder. Every meeting with them is a test of patience for me. Good thing I don’t meet with them all the time.

Lots of projects on the go right now. Not a lot of time to just sit and breathe. No complaints, though; being so busy makes me happy… and that’s all the time I have for now.

Moving Along

The new project is under way and progress is being made. Aside from the coughing – which is, I’m relieved to say, finally starting to ease up a bit – the cold that’s been hounding me for the past two weeks is finally letting go of me, and, all things considered, life is actually moving forward fairly decently.

The weather is cooler today and a bit on the damp side, but I’m not complaining. We’ve had some pretty hot days, recently – which I am also not complaining about – so the cooler temperature is a pleasant reprieve from the heat. Not just for us, but for our animals, too.

Now that we’re into June, it’s almost time to start planning our annual summer vacation. We have five weeks to work with this year; there are so many things we want to do and so many places we want to go that we can’t decide where to start. LOL

There’s really nothing more to say…. here.